Menu Mondays:: Thanksgiving

For this week’s menu, I thought it may be helpful to direct you all to some great thanksgiving recipes I’ve gathered from around the web. If you are visiting family and having other cook for you, it might be helpful if you direct them to this page, OR if you gather up some helpful recipes for them to follow.
Make sure you gracefully tell your family and friends about cooking gluten-free.
Educate them on cross-contamination.
Educate them on what gluten free is.
Show them how you cook in your kitchen, and help them clean their kitchen to make sure everyone is on the same page!
Thanksgiving is such a special day, such a special season.. the last thing you want is to be sick when you are with your family and friends.
gluten free thanksgiving
1.Gluten Free Tomato Bisque
2.Perfect Gluten Free Stuffing Recipes
3.Sauteed Cauliflower and Fennel
4.Chai Spiced Pumpkin Pear Bake
5.Apple Cinnamon Cake
6.Butternut Squash with Raisins
Another great resource for Thanksgiving recipes isĀ Gluten Free Girl’s Holiday Recipe Page. Most of her recipes aren’t dairy free, but they can easily be adjusted.
I’d love to hear some of the foods you are planning to make for the holiday. Are you spending the holiday as the cook? Do you visit family? Friends?