Lately This Week::Branding

Lately This Week::Branding

I am tickled pink, overjoyed, happy, giddy, and excited to “officially” announce the brand in front of my photography business!! Isn’t it just lovely?! I find myself opening up my file just to look at these lovely images. I’m such a sucker for beauty.

Sweet Bonnie Christine of Going Home To Roost designed these for me based off of my Branding Board. She helped me make good decisions, and was patient with me.. always exceeding my expectations.

She is the creative genius behind The Roost Tribe! If your in the market for some brand identity and have similar aesthetic, I know she’d love to work with you too!

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve also freshened up the look of to match the aesthetic, so that everything is cohesive. Thank you for being patient with me as I played around with what looks I liked best. I think this current look is here to stay for a while!! It’s going to be a bright and cheerful design for the cold months we have ahead of us this winter.

I’m off to do some Christmas shopping (already listening to Christmas music here!! It’s just my favorite) this morning while the hubby is away, Happy Saturday friends!!