Hope Spoken PhotoBooth Downloads

Hello lovelies!! Thank you so much for being patient and kind and loving while I've taken a bit of a hiatus the past few weeks. A LOT has been going on here.. lots of photo sessions, lots of God stirring in my heart, lots of traveling around Texas, and lots of meeting some wonderful new people.

I've missed you guys so much, and promise I am going to come  back soon and fill you in on some stuff that's going on, and some changes that are going to happen around here (plus a fun giveaway from eFamily!).. but I wanted to pop in today and let all you Hope Spoken girls know you can now download your photo booth pictures (for the next 30 days only!) if you follow this link:: http://mnewsomphotography.pass.us/hopespoken

Hope you all are having a fantastic Thursday!! (How is it Thursday already?!) See you soon!!

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  1. Lovely! I am so intrigued as to what Hope Spoken is all about? :)


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