Sweet Bowed Bandana with Sweet As Honey

Hello all! I am thrilled to be participating in the Sweet As Honey blog tour Bonnie Christine has organized. So much beauty and creativity to be shared this month from some pretty talented bloggers and makers. Yesterday Meg from Milk and Rhubarb shared her inspiring craft, and tomorrow Sarah from Crinkle Love is sharing hers! Make sure you keep up with everyone's posts this month by checking into the Sweet As Honey Blog Tour page!
 Today I'm going to be sharing a little tutorial on how to make precious bandanas with the Sweet As Honey line! I have been wanting to make our pup, Dakota some "girly" scarves for a while, and Bonnie's patterns and colors couldn't be more perfect for this project! These scarves could also be made a bit smaller and used as bibs for your toddlers and wee ones. I suggest using a brass fastener at the back instead of tying it together.. for safety reasons:).

This an easy project (perfect for a novice sewer!) and uses minimal supplies.
You will need:
- Sweet as honey fabric
- Double fold bias tape in coordinating colors
- Matching thread
- An old  bandana  (for your pattern)
- Scissors
- Sewing Machine

Lets get started!
1. Lay your "pattern" flat on the ground and lay out your fabric behind it.
2. Cut out fabric with triangle pattern
3. Cut out another piece of fabric using the first pattern you created.
4. Place fabric together, right sides touching.
5. Sew together on the wrong side of the fabric. Make sure you leave a hole at the top to pull your fabric through.
6. Cut your corners and pull your fabric through the hole.
7. Iron down your seams.
8. Encase the top of your bandana between the fold in your bias tape. Sew the tape onto the bandana and sew along the remaining edges to secure the two pieces of fabric in place.
I added little bow finishes to these bandanas and love how they turned out! It's a simple process.

1. Cut out a rectangle of coordinating fabric
2. fold the square in half and sew along the unfolded side of the fabric. Turn right side out.
3. Place both ends of the rectangle in the middle of the rectangle and sew to secure the edges in place.
4. (not pictured) Take a much smaller rectangle of the fabric your bandana is made out of and repeat the steps. Wrap that rectangle tightly around the middle of your large rectangle and secure in place with hand stitching or a hot glue gun. Secure on your bandana with either hand stitching or a hot glue gun.

The end result bow should look like this:
I did the same "bow" concept to the other bandana, but I did smaller versions and made them out of left over bias tape:
Dakota couldn't jump in this little chair quick enough to show off her new outfit:).

Inspired yet?! Don't forget to keep up with the Sweet As Honey Blog Tour all month!! MANY more beautiful creations to come!


  1. What a fun idea! My dog Emmy would be proud to wear one of these. Thanks for sharing your inspiration and this beautiful fabric.

  2. Oh, I have some "grand-doggies" that would love these. My old 13-yr-old Freddie terrier won't "wear" anything, but my grand-doggies do. Thanks for the idea!

  3. I also am auntie to two beautiful Great Danes, who would love to go to the doggie park "dressed up" in a new scarf! Thanks for the great idea!

  4. So fun! Love the added bow accents.... so darling.

  5. My ZoeyB needs on of these. What a fun project.



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