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Good morning loves! Just popping in quickly to tell you I've got some fun things for sell over on instagram! Just follow me @eatlivemakeshop for some great clothes:) Everything is $10.00 or less, and it's all sizes 0-4 and XS-S. I'll be posting more over the next few weeks and months, so make sure you follow along! The money I earn is going to help me get to Hope Spoken at the end of the month!



  1. I came here a few months ago, when Carissa linked to you. I've been meaning to comment. We are GF/DF and now allergic to tomatoes. I"m starting to wonder about all nightshades. SO, your recipes are encouraging. And I deal with chronic pain. I wanted to share this blog with you if you haven't seen it before. http://delectablyfree.com/ And especially now as you're not sure how long you can continue blogging. Hope your day is full of encouragement from heaven.

  2. oh, I will definitely be following! in fact, I just picked something out! (although it was hard for me to choose just one)


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