Makers Summit Recap

This past weekend I was given the amazing opportunity to attend The Makers Summit by Indie Craft Parade in Greenville, S.C. Going into the event I was a ball of nerves. Most of us makers spend the majority of our time by ourselves up to our eyeballs in paint, or glue, or photos.. and I was intimidated by the amount of talent that would be there and nervous about my inability to preform normally in a social setting. But don't worry, I didn't do anything too embarrassing. Needless to say, I am already looking forward to next year's Makers Summit!

Here is another GREAT Makers Summit Recap from Brains On Fire. They did an amazing job communicating 3 takeaways from the Summit for you guys!

For those of you who weren't able to be there this past weekend, I wanted to share with you some of the amazing things that I learned from an amazing group of people. AND introduce you to some of the great people I got to meet!

On Social Media Marketing:

- The internet has moved from text based information to visual information. This is one of the reasons Pinterest has become so popular.
- When creating content for Pinterest, orange, pink and vertical images always do the best.
- Each post you write on your blog needs at least 3 images.
- Always believe in yourself and the capability you have. instead of looking outside the box, start playing to your strengths!

- Whenever you post to your Facebook page, always include media. Text based postings do not show up in your followers feeds.
- Don't link images from another site, always upload your own images to your posts.
- Highlight your post and make your images 843 px X 403px

- You can grow your business/blog through instagram without ever spending any money.
- Instagram will become your "tribe"// the people who believe in you and support you most.
- Specifically create content for IG. Shoot photos in square, and spend time styling your photos. Think of this as your marketing and plan accordingly.
- Share personal information and photos. People want someone they can connect with.
- When someone likes your photo, like them back! People want to know they are valued and "seen".
- Post 3 times a day at 10 AM, 1 PM and 6 PM

On Packaging: 

- "Packaging is an extension of your product, which is an extension of YOU.. your passion and your talents"
- Your packaging determines how people feel about your product when they are first introduced to it. How does your packaging make people feel?
- The goal of any creative business is to connect with people. You want your packaging to connect with your customer.
- You may have to spend a little more on your packaging to make it better. But research shows that better packaging will always equate to a higher selling price for your product or good.
- When looking for printing services for your packaging, always go with digital printing. It looks great and is much cheaper than the alternatives!
- People are more likely to connect with a "WHY". Products that tell a story may not "taste" as good as other products, but they sell better because their story connects with the customer.
- For someone unfamiliar with your brand, the package is primary and product is secondary until the product is "tasted".

Awesome Companies and Folks: 

- Virb- an easy website design solution for makers and creatives. Perfect for photographers! Virb is $10/ month and is the easiest set up I've ever seen. I may switch over to it in the future!
- Jordan Brantley// The Business Bar- Jordan is a beautiful spirit and designer. She is launching a new business for small businesses called The Business Bar.
- Claire Sommers Buck- A sweet spirited jewelry designer out of Asheville, NC. We are going to be neighbors soon!
-Dapper Ink- My new go-to for all of my photography printing needs! These guys are local to Greenville and totally rock.
- Candace Mothereshead- A Greenville native looking to start a side photography business. By day she works as a Physician's Assistant.
-Frontier Label- Greenville natives, a local labeling print shop. These guys know their packaging!
- OliveBox- A monthly subscription service for paper lovers.


  1. Thanks for the awesome tips!!! I love it. I really am trying to work harder at branding myself...I just get SO side tracked....Ahhh! There is so much to do...from taking the photos to styling them to editing and posting and then following up with emails etc...I wish I could do it all...!


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