Lets Talk about Snail Mail

Raise your hand if you love to get letters in the mail. Both of mine are raised high!!

One of the simple joys of life is writing and receiving the good ole-fashioned letter or package. Every day after I get home from work the first thing I do is check my mailbox to see if anyone has written me a letter. Really guys, I do this. Every. Day.

And at least once a week I try to send out a letter to a friend. (my friends who are my pin pals: September has been a crazy month, so I'm sorry for the lack of communication!)

I think I learned this simple joy from my mother. I remember as a kid finding my mom at the table writing letters. Most of the time they would be sincere letters of encouragement to people in her life. She has such a gift at this. I saw the joy that her letters brought others, and the time she took out of the day to make other people feel especially special (thank you, mom!).

When I was in college, she would always go out of her way to send me fun packages, letters and treats in the mail. I loved getting packages and letters from my friends when we lived in Colorado. It was such a strange season of my life, and a warm letter from a friend or family member meant all the world to my heart.

I wish I had more money to spend on beautiful stationary, because I am also seeing the importance of sending a BEAUTIFUL letter or package. You know the sender put thought into picking out the right card for you, or the right lettering for the outside of your package.

Some cards I'd love to send to you, found on Etsy:

What do you think? Are you a letter-writer? Do you enjoy writing and getting mail? Does this come naturally for you, or is it hard?


  1. i love getting mail, but at the same time, my handwriting is SO bad these days i never think anyone can read it

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  2. Absolutely agree with you: I wish I had more money for all the beautiful stationary that i see around! :-) I do buy it sometimes ;-) I love sending hand-written letters and I try to do it from time to time. My mom and my grandmother always write letters to their friends and relatives and I think I got this love from them. And what could be better than opening your mailbox and finding a friendly mail? The pieces you chose on etsy inspire me to start writing something right now haha

  3. I LOVE getting REAL mail! I need to be better about writing people though. My mom is one who constantly sends cards to people. I think it's a great trait to have.

  4. I'm all about a real hand written letter...I know it's not as fast as texting or email but it always ALWAYS comes from the heart and the hand which makes it extra special! :) I actually just posted about this myself!


  5. I love hand written letters and make a point to send a few out monthly. They are a beautiful art form and a way of connecting that beats any social media :)

  6. I am the biggest fan of writing letters and snail mailing them! i have friends all of the world and it is one of the fun things we do to stay in touch!


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