How To Tuesday:: Diy CD Bag

Lately, I've been working a lot on my photography business.
Creating a overall branding for it, from the logo, to the site, to the books I'll make for my clients.
I've been experimenting with how I'm delivering the images to my clients. 
And I think I've found my favorite.
Instead of using typical cases, paper products etc. to protect the cd's, I'm creating these beautiful little bags!
I really want the feel of my business to be organic and simple. 
I made these sweet bags from fabric I was given, and some embroidery thread.

*Sewing Machine
*Thread or ribbon
*Safety pin

1. Cut your fabric around the size of the cd
2.Sew under the 2 short edges of your fabric (this will be where you string through your ribbon/thread
3.Sew up the sides of your fabric, leaving the top part open (so you can string through thread)
4. Attach thread to the end of a safety pin and pull it through the "tunnel" on both sides of your bag
5. Sew up the side of the bag that DOES NOT have the long ends of the thread. Turn inside out
You've got your very own little CD baggie!


  1. Thank you for sharing this-- you make it look so simple that I'm actually going to try it!!! Seriously love this blog and all your ideas!! We can't wait to read more.


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